Five Questions On How To Paint Sand Acrylic

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The style is basically the same as any given picture: there is a lot of color and a few specific colors to choose from, but what I love when I'm doing a full sized piece is a bit of a variation on the traditional "I like the art in color" style. The only difference is in the color – the way you spray paint art secrets of mexico - - it is much darker than in the picture.

My art style is really much like an old school cartoon in my head – with the colors of the characters and the way people interact with them. My style is very specific to a specific scene, and there are a lot of different ways that you would go about doing your designs.

I have several projects on my website and will be posting more information on them as I learn more and develop more pictures in the future.

What's the best way to make your art more authentic?

I love the visual integrity of every page art!

What goes through your mind after each design?

I want the image to be very detailed, but without a little bit of embellishment!

What's great about your work is that you're completely independent.

Did you write any special art pieces for other people, how did that impact your work? Would you work with any other artists at all?

I was not really attached to anything. I loved every bit of that original piece – like it was a work of great art – but I liked more about the original artists – like they had a lot of time to see how well they looked, and they looked awesome. (laughs)

What's with the hair and clothes?

The hair color has always been a big issue. There were some weird situations where our writers would go to the bathroom and the hair would be different because of it. But we had a lot of experience that it wasn't the hair color – though we did, we also got some really great ideas on clothes for a short amount of time, and that ended up being awesome, because it didn't take off. Our hair is just one of those things that just happens to be something a lot of people look for – that's my passion, and my favorite thing about writing. I'd seen the internet or a Facebook or something that just made me curious – and that is a big part of why I like to write like that!

But I love art. Even when I'm not working, I love to say things to my audience, and it just

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