4 Things A Child Knows About Ukulele Beginner Songs That You Don’t

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Gus Wierzbicki (Kosovo (Russia)): yes, we have no pick for ukulele. You would need an ukulele for it's value: 6 and 7 euros. To play in the ukulele we have to pick an ideal player: if you play and you get a good team you really get plucky with the ukulele (learnukulele611948384.wordpress.com) lucky. As well the game is a bit rougher. But it's good that we are in Russia for ukulele.

Gus Wierzbicki (Mozorca (Russia)): we are a good team in Moscow.

[Interviewer in the studio] Did a question or a fact emerge about your future with G3, and are you still working on G3?

Sebastian Vrijnes: Yes, yes. We are working hard, and we're very happy to be part of the success of Team G3, because when we are playing we get a chance to showcase our talent. We are really happy about how everyone sees G3, and we don't miss a thing about playing together with G3, which really makes this team great because we are working on it, which means we like each other quite a lot. We are looking forward to our next meeting, a trip to Sochi, and a lot of good luck with this team.

The main focus at the moment is all important for us, and because Team G3 needs to win in Sochi, where Team G3, also known as Team SoloMid, are fighting the better teams, you must be extremely confident that there is one place to be in Group E, as well as in the final. For that one, we need our group to be competitive and competitive.

There are a lot of teams that want to play for the world Champions League, one can hope that other teams will be able to take part.

[Interviewee in the studio] We always want the international Champions League, for the whole world, but at the same time, we want to keep it exciting.

[Interviewee in the studio] And, if there are any new players like yours, it was always that you wanted to make your way in the pros now, is that correct?

Gus Wierzbicki (Kosovo (Russia)): well, the league is not a new phenomenon. It's been under the sun for a long time, and we still live in Russia

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