Know about proper use, disposal and reuse of mask

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A) Who should be utilizing which face mask?
Please keep in mind individuals in good health need not wear a face mask if they are remaining at home and not taking care of any ill client.
Cloth mask-- Not ideally advised when looking after contaminated patients as they do not offer sufficient defense but they are still better for regular use than not covering your mouth and nose. Nevertheless, using a HEPA filter with a face mask might increase its effectiveness however it results in more trouble in breathing. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter indicates a filter that is at least 99.97% efficient in getting rid of mono-disperse particles of 0.3 micrometers in size. For the general public, if a face mask is not available at least a bandanna or a scarf may be used to cover the face.

Surgical mask-- Loose-fitting, a disposable device made of polypropylene, might work in blocking particle beads, splashes, sprays which might include bacteria, keeping them from reaching mouth and nose-- does not block small particles in the air that might be transmitted by close-by coughing or sneezing.

To be used by individuals looking after sick persons with breathing infections and symptoms as cough, sneezing and fever, and health care and frontline workers.

N95 respirator-- Not for regular usage for the public. It's made from polypropylene product. These respirators filter out a minimum of 95% of very small (0.3 microns) particles. These respirator masks can trapping 95%, 99% and 99.9% of particles, smaller sized approximately 0.3 microns in size.
N95 FFRs can straining all kinds of particles, consisting of germs and infections. It should be utilized carefully only. It needs to be worn by:

Healthcare and frontline workers who are attending to patients with respiratory infections as cough, cold and patients under investigation.
While getting in rooms of confirmed or thought COVID patients.
While getting scientific specimens, soiled medical products and equipment or whosoever can be found in contact with possibly infected environmental surfaces.

B) How to dispose of a used mask? (Keep in mind masks should be dealt with as medical waste).
Various bacteria can endure on a used mask for various durations. Professionals feel that infections, when left exposed, can make it through in between a few hours and a couple of days. My earnest demand to all of you is not to throw the utilized mask indiscriminately in lifts, parks, offices, homes, open dust bins as it can position a possible health threat to people who can be found in contact with such masks. Also, some people are selecting them up for re-use and hence putting their life in threat. The contaminated masks have breathing secretions on them and can be dispersed and sent through the air. So, please be delicate. Constantly clean your hands prior to and after removing the mask.

Fabric mask (Wash)-- Ought to be cleaned effectively and regularly and left to hang and air dry.
Surgical mask (Fold, tie ... (more)

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