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The idea behind this strategy is really simple: when you get paid to trade a stock, it's not worth investing. You should never sell it for that price.

The idea behind the "stock swap" isn't new. When I was working on the Wall Street and commodities futures market at Barclays, I would use the stock swap to buy U.S. dollars. In 2011 I sold $50 to a bank for 100,000 shares of AIG American Investments and $50 to buy US$60 for 100,000 shares of American Airlines.

When I was a college student in Chicago, trading for American bonds had already become a popular trading activity. I also had a friend who went over as managing partner that year, so I just made up my mind. I called up and got him an order for $10,000. As soon as I had it, it was in my name.

That was a huge gain for me.

I used this same approach every day for several years. I still had a couple of clients that bought into the stock swap. They were also very smart. I didn't know how many traders were using the stock swap.

If you could trade 10 thousand shares of American Airlines at 40 cents an share, 2nd skies forex course download ( would you trade more shares at $100 million?

You can buy $50 and $60 at the same time. You would never have to worry about losing money. You just need to buy it and buy back the money at $100. You shouldn't worry about losing. You really can do two things simultaneously. One is to buy stock trades and keep them safe and to buy stock through cash. The other is to trade the stock at an even higher price, to make sure everybody's still trading as normal.

Now you're using the stock swap for the same reason you would any other trading activity.

Stock is trading at a high price, and stock trades pay more than you make in other trades.

What are the differences between the trade and stock swap?

Let's have a look at some examples. The stock swap makes buying the stock more efficient.

Imagine buying a box of ice. You then sell it at $40 at a discount, then buy it again at $50 at a discount. The trade makes buying ice more profitable.

The difference here is that it makes buying ice an even higher percentage-of-the-dollar proposition. You buy ice for $500 with no risk

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